The first tailor-made Profiterole
The Art of Profiterole
CHOUREAL is a unique and awarded concept, specialized in one beloved desert: the Profiterole. The Profiteroles are made to order, in an ‘a la minute’ fashion. This means that the desert is always fresh and tailor-made, according to the visitor’s desire. The fragrant choux are always freshly-baked, since they are produced every hour.

On order, they are filled with either silk cream with Madagascar vanilla or hand-made ice cream. The ritual continues by choosing which of the high quality chocolates will cover the bowl, and ends with the choice of the dressing. Thus, one can taste his small masterpiece fresh, with high quality ingredients and with the flavor tones of his desire: bitter or white chocolate, praline, caramel or use hand-made ice-cream instead of patisserie cream.

The Art of Profiterole requires specialization, countless hours devoted to research and development, use of the best possible ingredients, daily production so that everything is fresh so every time a small masterpiece is created.

Relative deserts, such as eclairs and choux are also daily-made.